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Here are some recommendations
and key issues for the preparation of your trip:

General Tips to prepare your luggage:
In general, comfortable and casual clothes. Very comfortable walking shoes.
In Los Mochis and El Fuerte temperature is warm "tropical" beach style fresh clothing is recommended. In some hotels it has a pool can bring your swimsuit for a delicious dip!
Mosquito repellent: In Los Mochis and El Fuerte is necessary.
Comfortable walking shoes: In the Canyons will make several walks.
A jacket or light jacket for spring and summer season (March to October).
The spring and summer nights can be cool in the canyon.
Outerwear for Winter season (November to February).
Mosquito repellent for use in El Fuerte and Los Mochis.
Sunscreen, hat or cap, sunglasses, binoculars, camera.
Pack light: During the tour will make several stops on the train so we recommend traveling light with a few bags for your convenience.

Gifts for the Tarahumara our friends:
Throughout your journey through the Copper Canyon and the Tarahumara really conviviras with them. If you want to help give them no money, better buy their crafts to help, no haggle prices they work very hard to bring you beautiful crafts, you can bring your house clothes, school supplies, candy or toys to give them, they will know and you'll thank to stay with a great satisfaction.

Travel Documents:
Take your plane ticket, cash or credit cards and any medications with you instead of saving them in your luggage for easier use. Remember to always bring him hand and personal identification.

Weather Information:
The average temperature in the northern part of Mexico in the spring is about 86 º C maximum and 67 ° C minimum. The average monthly precipitation is 0.2. "In the fall is about 83 º C and 75 º maximum minimum. Monthly average rainfall is 1.4". Remember "average" means that temperatures or precipitation can go above or below the given numbers. We suggest you check the weather forecast about a week before your trip to get an idea current temperature and conditions in the region. This more than anything, will help you make decisions on clothes.

The nights and mornings are cool (cold in winter) in Chihuahua and in ravines. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to travel through the Copper Canyon. Bring a sweater or jacket, regardless of the time of year, remember that in the Copper Canyon altitude is about 7,500 meters above sea level.

For safety, we recommend that you drink bottled water especially in hotels in Creel, Divisadero / Posada Barrancas and Cerocahui. These hotels provide bottled water in your room



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