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The Tarahumara
or Raramuris (light toes) as they call themselves, are a native indigenous tribe that has chosen to live apart from modern Western culture. Live a simple life and somewhat primitive, subsisting on corn, beans and their farm animals and live in caves and log cabins.

Today the Tarahumara indigenous group are broader in Chihuahua state. They are characterized by excellent riders, women make beautiful crafts and handmade woven, are quiet and reserved. Her clothes are colorful and their language the "Raramuri" Swabian and wide.

According to the legend of the ancient inhabitants of the Sierra Madre, "the world was created by Rayenari (the sun god) and Metzoka (Moon Goddess)" and in honor of this, the Tarahumara dance, sacrifice animals and drink "tesguino" (fermented corn).


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