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Nights lodging, the ones you want and at the hotel of your choice. Connecting from Los Mochis to Los Cabos from Copper Canyon by air or the Baja Ferry. Ask for your special quote:

At the tip of Baja California Sur you will find the dual destination of Los Cabos. Wondering why they call it a dual destination? Part of the fun comes with exploring the region’s two dramatically distinct personas. Tranquil San Jose del Cabo retains the look and vibe of an authentic Mexican town. Cobblestone streets, intimate restaurants and boutiques radiate from the central main square and mission church. Rambunctious Cabo San Lucas, on the other end of the highway (called the Corridor), is party central with funky bars and the slick Luxury Avenue Mall centered around the marina.

North American’s often refer to Los Cabos as Land’s End as it is located on the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula south of California. Thanks to its close proximity to the U.S., Los Cabos has been greatly influenced by North America in terms of developments, shopping malls, real estate and vibe. However, the remarkable setting where the sapphire Sea of Cortez meets desert and mountains is unique to Los Cabos.

The stretch of shoreline making up Los Cabos expands into three distinct areas: San José del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and the 33-km (20-mile) Corridor connecting them.

Sleepy San Jose del Cabo to the east, with its shady main plaza and narrow winding streets is the place to slow your pace while strolling among the colorful colonial buildings and browsing small art galleries and boutiques. Grab a refreshing Hibiscus flavored popsicle or sip a frosty margarita at one of the alfresco restaurants while embracing an atmosphere that manages to be both laid-back and sophisticated Mexican.

Along the Corridor and you will most of the luxurious resorts, impressive spas and championship golf courses for which Los Cabos has become famous. The Corridor is also home to some of the area’s best beaches for water sports. Medano beach, on the end of the Corridor where Cabo San Lucas begins, is the epicenter for party and play.

Whether you’re looking to surf, launch a kayak or wave runner, picnic with the family, walk with your sweetheart, or watch the whales up close and personal, there’s a beach in Los Cabos just for you.
Eco Tours
For ecotourism enthusiasts Los Cabos is the place to be, because it is such a diverse and rich area offering the desert, the ocean and the mountains to explore. There is something in the outback for everyone to enjoy, from young children to adults, and all levels of enthusiasts. All you need to do is to hook up with the right local tour company and you're set. Just make sure to try something you’ve always wanted to do. And most of all have fun! There are a number of reputable eco-tour companies in town to take you wherever you want to go.
In Los Cabos, sport fishing is an activity that attracts tourists from all over the world. There are over 500 fishing vessels waiting to take you where the Sea of Cortés meets the Pacific, where these two bodies of water join in a tumult of marlin and swordfish, wahoo, dorado and yellowtail, snapper, cabrilla, corvina and roosterfish, and where 12,000 of these creatures of the deep are caught every year, with most released to fight another day.
Water Sports
There are numerous water activities available off the shores of Los Cabos. Along the main beaches you can rent jet skis, ski-doos, kayaks, canoes, surf boards, sloops, cats, yachts, go parasailing, water skiing, wind surfing, you name it. However, what the Sea of Cortés truly has to offer lies beneath the surface — gigantic whale sharks, loggerhead sea turtles, gliding manta rays, migrating whales, sea lions and an endless palette of colorful tropical fishes — as you submerge yourself into the blue abyss, a humbling yet exhilarating experience.
Night Life
As the song goes, "night life is the right life" And in Los Cabos, the locals put those lyrics into practice. As the sun slips into the horizon, the sizzle you hear is the sound of the nightlife heating up in Cabo San Lucas... at Billygan's Island, Las Palmas, Mango Deck or The Office. Later, it’s Cabo Wabo Cantina, The Giggling Marlin, The Hard Rock Cafe, or El Squid Roe, then the Body Shot Night Club, Mambo Cafe, Nikki Beach or Zoo Bar & Dance. Down the road in San Jose del Cabo head to Tropicana and the Iguana Bar & Grill.
Land Sports
Los Cabos has modern emergency, medical and dental facilities open 24-hours, along with First Response ambulance and air evacuation services. In addition, there are medical experts on call to consult for diet and nutrition needs, travel readiness for the elderly, personal counseling, psychotherapy, and cosmetic and plastic surgery. If necessary, portable oxygen tanks, walkers and wheelchairs can be made available on a moment’s notice.
Missionaries who were familiar with the cave paintings found in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains above Los Cabos asked the native Cochimi about them and were told they were done by a race of giant people long ago. If you visit these rugged hills set against a backdrop of light, sea, sky, mountains and desert, you will begin to understand how the creative psyche can be awakened, and why Los Cabos has become a mecca for artists and art galleries.

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