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Fields Mennonites were born Dutch and German migration began in Russia in the 16th century and that today make a strong push for the agricultural industry of Chihuahua. Mennonite culture is characterized by peculiar costumes, customs and costumes reminiscent of sixteenth-century northern Europe, assets cheese producers and farmers worldwide in the whole area of Cuauhtemoc. In summary Mennonites are a major attraction for travelers traveling through the Sierra Tarahumara.
246 meters tall waterfall make the Basaseachic the largest waterfall in the country. Its beauty is accentuated by falling unimpeded jet causing air layers will gradually extending the water before reaching the bottom. A series of well-planned paths communicate all viewpoints. These trails are ideal for those who like to walk through the forest and be in direct contact with nature.
This house had it built by General Francisco Villa to his friend Santos Vega who studied architecture solved without a functional and welcoming these dwelling spaces Mrs. Luz Corral, one of the wives of Villa. Before he died, his widow donated the house to the Secretary of Defense, with the condition that it be made a museum dedicated to the revolutionary movement in which her ​​husband had role. The museum has weapons, object, photographs and documents related to the revolutionary movement, as is the car he was assassinated in Parral General Francisco Villa

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