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Chihuahua Capital from mining metropolis, retaining great civil and religious buildings of the colonial era and the Porfiriato and stunning modern works, in addition to tourism infrastructure 1st level. Nice fusion of tradition and modernity, cheerful host, a starting point for incredible adventures to the majestic Copper Canyon.
That and more is Chihuahua capital. Nothing like being carried away by the kindness of the capital of the largest state in Mexico, and above all for the beauty, quality and hospitality of the people of Chihuahua.
Chihuahua is the state capital of Chihuahua located in northern Mexico simply great and interesting and attractive for your next holiday. Chihuahua, the land of Pancho Villa and place where Great Guns like the world famous Copper Canyon.
It gets its name due to the proximity keeping with the archaeological zone of Paquime. The Franciscans were established with a conversion of Indians janos and sums in the year of 1661 naming the place San Antonio de las Casas Grandes. He is currently head of the municipality of the same name and is a pleasant walk to visit the river covered with poplar, the main square and the parish church.
Population Cuauhtemoc 143 kilometers and 247 of the state capital, is the strategic point for the canyons of the Sierra Tarahumara. It belongs to the municipality of Bocoyna, whose head is 16 kilometers from Creel and near Sisoguichi, one of the Jesuit missions founded in the seventeenth century. At present, tourism and trade are the most significant activities of this city, with houses and gabled tiled surrounded by a forest of pines and oaks.
The first Spanish authority came to the area around 1741 and the population had its origin at a point known as San Pedro Nahuerachi Cienegas, where he later established the boarding station for sawmills in the Sierra Madre Land Lumber Company. Nearby are ideal places for camping, fishing and hunting season in Penitas dam, which during the winter is full of ducks and geese from Canada.
At 50 kilometers southwest of Creel stations are located Divisadero and Posada Barrancas, where thanks to travel Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad became the most accessible viewpoints of the Urique Canyon, with 1,300 meters deep. From these points are appreciated Copper Canyon Urique and Tararecua. From here take trips to other viewpoints just as Volada Stone and Mogotabo table, or you can walk down or the bottom of the Horse Canyon and visit hot springs.
From the depths of the Sierra Tarahumara is Batopilas. The winding, narrow descent of 420 meters to Batopilas, with cliffs on both sides of the road, is a series of alternating sites coniferous forests and rock formations of pink, white and brown. Get to Batopilas is entering another world: avocados, mangoes, guavas and tropical flowers that burst in the warm climate of this small paradise of Chihuahua, an important environmental contrast with the Sierra Tarahumara.
At 68 kilometers from El Divisadero, continuing along Route Railroad Chihuahua to Los Mochis, Bahuichivo station is located, where are traveled 18 miles to get to the old missionary Cerocahui community. This town was founded in 1680 by the Jesuit missionary Juan Maria de Salvatierra, who ordered the construction of the mission of St. Francis Xavier Cerocahui. Near the town is the waterfall Yeparavo and Cerro del Gallego, from where you can admire the Urique Canyon, the deepest of all the Sierra Tarahumara with 1.879 meters.
El Fuerte "Magic Town" is one of 18 municipalities in the state of Sinaloa, located in the northern part of the state. It is bordered on the north by the state of Sonora, on the south by the municipality of Sinaloa, to the west with the municipality of Ahome and east to the town of Choix. Its county seat is the city of El Fuerte, located on the banks of the Rio Fuerte. Approximately 15% of the population of this municipality are indigenous Mays.
Los Mochis, means place of tortoises, is a thriving, modern city in northwestern Mexico and one of the largest agricultural empires in the country. It offers tourists as well as the frank hospitality of its people unique vision of two of the world's most fertile valleys of Fort Valley and Carrizo.
The city of La Paz is known for its diversity of tourism, from mountain tours, diving, or enjoy the quiet beaches that owns this city. There are a variety of nightclubs that are located on the waterfront of the city.
It has a wide range of hotels, economic development has led to excellent conditions for investment in this sector. Five tourist developments begin to take shape in the city, the most luxurious on the peninsula is "The Mogote". Besides finding in the famous Playa El Tecolote beach club where you will find snorkeling tour to Spirit Island among other places, and aquatic equipment rental such as jet, banana boats, water skiing and an excellent restaurant specializing in seafood besides being an area for large events such as weddings, concerts.etc.

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