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"The most spectacular train journey, through Tarahumara World"
Mexico Adventures Tour Operator with over 40 years experience in the market, which guarantee our professionalism and commitment to make your trip a unique and totally satisfying. Our offices are located in El Paso TX and inChihuahua City and we are "Experts in Copper Canyon , Baja, Colonial Cities, Chiapas and the Mayan World.

The Copper Canyon
Majestic natural setting located in the State of Chihuahua, in the mountains of the Sierra Madre and which extends to the state of Sinaloa and to sea level in the Pacific Ocean. Ideal destination for adventurers seeking new experiences and the unique opportunity to ride the train "Chepe", have fun and relax in nature.

We handle a wide variety of VIP Packages, Economic and Group for:

Family Trips
Cultural Travel and Study
Groups and Conventions
Extensions to the beach
Packages tailored, etc.

For information or reservations we invite you to call us at our toll free number or send us an email and we will gladly assist you.
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Mexico Adventures Inc.
"Experts in Copper Canyon"
1 800 206 81 32
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Msn: analhy3@hotmail.com



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